Omad products are available in a wide range of type and shape developed to meet the most various needs in construction, which in Italy differ from region to region and often from city to city, due to the abundant national heritage in architecture and landscape. The amplitude of this range permits Omad presence in many nations in Europe and beyond, and even as far away as New Zealand. The singular character of Omad products is further distinguished and developed by a multitude of forms in both traditional and modern design, from the original “Cuore 1000″Series that evokes Venetian style to the more current 7000 and 8000 Series particularly suited to innovative window shutters in wood and even insertion in aluminium or PVC shutters, not to mention the 0000 and 4000 Series that offer the essence of simplicity with painstaking attention to every detail. All these lines of product feature the additional differentiation provided by different types of external finish that range from black painting with cataphoresis treatment to resin painting performed by Omad itself and various plating, iridium or white surface treatments.