Blox is Innovative

A highly practical, innovative shape. It’s as easy to use as it is efficient and elegant.

Blox is reversible

It may be applied on espagnolettes mounted on right or left shutter and adapts well in all ways to anys to any espagnolettes or frame, even already installed.

Blox is universal

It takes just a few minutes to fix Blox to existing espagnolettes without requiring specific expertise. It comes complete with screws and templates for fast, precise fixing; detailed mounting instructions are to be found in the kit giving clear guidance for correct installation on every type of sash.

The certificate quality of Omad, manufacturer of the universal bolt Smarty, guarantees an extremely strong product made with the best materials chataporetcially protected by our special painting process to ensure perfect operation over the year.

Blox esploits Omad tradition and experience for the safety, security and protection of your home.