1920 – Founded in 1920 in Conegliano (Treviso) by Andrea Daccò, since the beginning the production of Omad is influenced by the mechanical talent of Andrea Daccò, an entrepreneur from Lombard region, by his entrepreneurial skills and by the architectural forms of Venice.

1976 – Since 1976 Omad has embarked on the second phase of its activity in a new and modern headquarters in Castello Roganzuolo di San Fior. A deep trasformation in mechanical technology, new and foreign markets.

1994 – In 1994 Omad expands its headquarters with the construction and start-up of a second productive unit that featured an efficient and technologically advanced cataphoresis treatment and powder painting system that both contributes further added quality to Omad range of products and provides the Company with the possibility of significant diversification as a qualified supplier to leading selected qualifies further and allows customers in other productive sectors as well.

1996 – Omad obtained Quality Certification ISO 9000 for both the above-mentioned activities that was production of hardware for shutters and service delivery of cataphoresis and powder coating reflecting an attention not only of products but of Omad overall organization.

2002 – Omad obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification with the expansion of its extension to the design of molds. The farm machinery is enriched with new area dedicated to the design and manufacture of molds and their components.

2011 – Omad introduces new materials into its already rich catalog. New products are in fact born in COR-TEN and inox steel, in line with the most advanced architectural and design requirements. Omad introduces Omadclean line of products designed to clean internal and external frames and attentive to the surface of the hardware. Environmentally biodegradable products, formulated to be extremely high performance on all surfaces of wood, inox steel, aluminum and PVC.